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Article: L'avocate camerounaise Alice Nkom se livre sur Yagg
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   This woman is an Ass hole
Auteur : Angelusp
Date : 24/04/2010 16:22

What are there even publishing like that?
Fuck this woman? God made Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Adam, or Eve and Eve.
Auteur : .
Date : 24/04/2010 16:40

you are entitled to your own opinion.( though you do not seem to have one ) except your are using profanity to prove a point.
she is entitled to hers so you telling her to buzz won't change anything she is here to stay.

Auteur : amigo
Date : 25/04/2010 17:45

ItS not an opinion its a fact cameroun is a religious country i do not see why this old ugly and stupid woman encoutaging homosexuality, i guess its for her proper gain becoz shes already saying shes getting support for her sinfull fight abroad(europe) shes is not concerne about what tje majority of camerounians want, even in Europe homosexuality its not permited 2 man can't get legally married in almost or all evry country of europe so what the fuck this bitch is talking about??? shes trying to get the white people to give her a hand on legalising that sinfull behaviour in cameroun,first she should find that why the people who colonised us did not legalise it on their own land those are the things that bring "bad luck" to a country we cameroonians have already so much problems that we cant deal with ,why can't she fight for the basic human right of the peaple?why cant she fight agains the corrupt goverment?why can't she fight agains malaria,h.i.v,tuberculoses,unemploymnt and so on? why do she chose to fight for some thing that most peaple in the world and in cameroon in particulr are agains??? she is a BITCH this HOE a scammer she is just trying to get the attention of some white gay "tourist" so she can get some financial help"money" to set her own life in cameroon she is already saying that " i don't have a computer ,i need this ,i need that and the interview is with a white person ,why have an interview about something you claim to do for cameroonians with a foreign interviewr? this is BULL CRAP!!!! and this are the peaple who are trying to bring us back to the colonised days ,i mean this is the kind of person who will sell her child for her own well being,if shes serious about it she should go and speak to Paul biya and convince the cameroonian population,instead she looking for support to legalise homosexuality in cameroon from Europe.UGLY BITCH FUCK OFF!!!!!
Auteur : Haroun
Date : 26/04/2010 07:49

Le Cameroun n'est pas un pays religieux, le Cameroun est un pays laque.

Ensuite, je ne comprends pas un truc titre personnel : la corruption, le vol, le dtournement de fonds font rage au Cameroun, mais pour vous la "sinful" behavior qu'il faut combattre, c'est l'homosexualit parce que Dieu a cr Adam et Eve.

Dieu a-t-il cr les voleurs ? Les corrompus ? Les tricheurs ?

Ne mettons pas Dieu l o a nous arrange
   cette femme n'a rien faire
Auteur : bantouwarrior
Date : 30/04/2010 19:35

demain les homosexuels seront mis mort, sinon ce sont eux qui mettrons les heterosexuels mort.
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